minimal F-Droid repo for the sauna & other (beta, unreleased / lost) apps

a work in progress project by the sauna

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UPDATED - fingerprint: 44 20 FF D2 35 4D 0E 08 AC B2 F1 F4 78 E0 6A 42 00 B3 CF F5 F5 55 15 B0 8E 83 08 DB D2 B6 EF CE

previous key: 78E06A4200B3CFF5F55515B08E8308DBD2B6EFCE
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currently serving 14 apps

Filename Last modified Package Version
Aliucord_Installer.apk 00:00:19 16/05/2022com.aliucord.installer 1.0.7 20:22:55 17/02/2022icu.the_sauna.basedcooking melon
beam.NG_Remote.apk 02:20:09 15/02/2022com.beamng.remotecontrol 1.2.3
bitwarden.apk 00:00:39 21/07/2024com.x8bit.bitwarden 2024.6.0
Droid-ify.apk 00:00:57 13/07/2024com.looker.droidify.debug 0.6.3
iceraven.apk 00:00:44 21/07/2024io.github.forkmaintainers.iceraven iceraven-2.21.0
megalodon.apk 00:00:35 21/07/ 2.1.6+fork.110
melonDS.apk 00:00:26 01/11/2023me.magnum.melonds Beta 1.8.0 (b47e264) GH
moshidon-nightly.apk 00:00:36 21/07/ 2.3.0+fork.105.moshinda-nightly+@2024-07-19
mumla.apk 00:00:06 21/07/2024se.lublin.mumla.beta 3.6.12-4-g6bbe78e-debug
PojavLauncher.apk 00:00:29 21/07/2024net.kdt.pojavlaunch.debug foxglove-20240719-3f63042-v3_openjdk
PulseDroid.apk 00:08:11 18/02/2022at.kescher.pulsedroid 2.0.3
RealSR-NCNN-Android-GUI-armv8a-1.8.3.apk 10:26:42 10/06/2023com.tumuyan.ncnn.realsr 1.8.3
VendettaManager.apk 00:00:46 21/07/2024dev.beefers.vendetta.manager 1.1.23
timezone is UTC+02:00 sha512

melonds: source

moshidon source

pulsedroid source

megalodon source

pojavlauncher: source

aliucord installer: source

realsr-ncnn-android: source remote control: source

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